Water meter inspection

Water meter inspection

Water meter inspection

1. The request for increasing or decreasing the water meter sizes for an appropriate operation.

Required documents :

1.  An individual :

– certified copy of an ID card 

2. Legal Representative :  

– copy of the first page of Business License

– certified copy of an ID card and a census record of the representative.


MWA will announce the payment bill within 2 days since we receive users’ papers, and all processes will be completed within 3 days after our customers pay bills.

2. Changing of water meter

A processing of all requests will be carried out by MWA in appropriate locations.
The fees are as follows :

  • The water meter size ½ -3/4 inch: 800 baht.
  • The water meter size 1 inch:1,000 baht.
  • The water meter size 1 ½ inch and larger : Vary on real price rate.

These price rates apply only the change of 5 meters distance, additional distance 200 baht/meter will be charged for each meter above that.(vat and other special materials are exincluded)

3. Stolen or lost meter

Customer needs to bring a police’s acknowledgement of lost item form the closest Police station to the location to MWA Office.

  • Outside meter : If the meter was stolen or lost, customers have to inform the MWA branch right away. The MWA will reinstall the meter without any fee. If the broken meter was done on purpose, the customer is responsible for all the replacement costs.
  • Inside meter : The MWA will be responsible for repairing the leak, replacing a meter. However, if the damage was caused by the customer, it is the responsibility of the customer to pay for all cost related to the dammage and the new installation.    

4. Out of order meter.

The MWA will replace the meter at no expense to the customers, unless it was damaged on purpose. In that case, the customers are responsible for paying all cost related to the repair and/or installation. 

5. Water meter inspection When the customers suspect that the meter reading is inaccurate, they can submit a request for inspection. If the result of the inspection indicates that the reading was corrected, customer has to bare the cost of inspection. If it is inaccurate, the MWA will bare the cost and readjust the rate accordingly.

(Contact us at 02-588-0170 or 02-591-0565 for the fee for mete size “1/2-12” repair and inspection)

To place the new meter

A water meter is used to measure water usage as well as to be the base for billing. After the meter has been installed for a long time, the reading could be inaccurate. In this case, the MWA willl replace it at no cost to ustomer. The 1/2” pipe would be replaced every 8-10 years. The bigger sizes will be replaced every 2 years at the cost of MWA.

Advanced payment program

If you sign up for the advanced payment program, the MWA will be responsible for all
expenditures related to the meter problems as follows: 

  • Lost or stolen meter in unoccupied residence.
  • Establishing a low rate when there is no water usage.
  • The water meter will not be suspended due to nonpayment or other reasons


6-month fee
(180 Bath.)

Meter Water Rate Water Rate Total Taxes 7% Total amount
 ½ inch 45 25 70 4.90 74.90
 ¾ inch 45 40 85 5.95 90.95
1 นิ้ว 45 50 95 6.65 101.65

 An average 30  bath/M.

Water usage amount 0-5 cubic. Meter/M. 

Required documents:

  • A certified copy of a census record
  • A certified copy of an ID card
  • Water bill payment receipt

Submit these documents to the MWA branch.

Fee : 30baht/month


  • Sign up for at least 6 months
  • Extend before the agreement expires
  • The fee is not refundable
  • This program does not apply to a temporary meter