Quality Control during Cutting and Joining Pipelines

A working group has been set up to study the procedure to control water quality during cutting and joining as well as cleaning the pipelines in the distribution network of MWA. The working group has studied several methods and analyzed several factors using field data from various service areas. As a result, the following measures are proposed to reduce turbidity of water after pipeline cutting and joining:

1) Conduct systematic studies on sediment and turbidity in the distribution system.

2) Improve the concepts in designing pipeline works in terms of prevention of sediment accumulation, such as using tangential tees for the sub-main pipelines branching off the main pipelines, and reduction of water turbidity by increasing the number and size of drainage pipes both in the main and sub-main pipelines.

3) In installing new pipelines, not only cleanness of the new pipes which will not increase sediment load in the system, but the supervision team should also have a prevention plan in advance to control water turbidity prior to cutting and joining.